“KYOWA SEISAN” means to work in harmony and to make products.  It is not only a company name but also its company’s motto that means that each and every worker should work together to create value.

Since the day of establishment, we have been processing wood products as our main business.

We make a wide range of interior and exterior products from housing unit panels, interior and exterior materials, furniture and gardening products.

Our full participation management style comes from workers’ motivation.

We put the customer first to provide quick and careful customer service.

As a basic business management principle, we maintain high quality products and services and we strive to raise our quality through top level equipment.

Through that, our technology development and product development capability foresee the future.

We are also proud of having ISO9001, ISO14001 that represents a strict quality control system and environmental preservation called 5s (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain).

Now more than ever with our unique environment technology, we deliver products to make your life better.






1. To be a company that satisfies customers.
2. To survive and develop forever.
3. To build a structure to raise and maintain high revenue.
4. To enrich workers’ and their families’ lives.
5. To fulfill our tax obligations to contribute to society.
6. To give our stock holders stable dividends.

KYOWA SEISAN: to work in harmony and to make products.

〜Corporate Information〜
Products to provide value for our customers through our unique creations.
We learn from our customers, so our customers love us, and we are a company they can trust.
Through our work we grow ourselves and through which we build an organization that fulfills its elf-realization.

Company name:  KYOWA SEISAN Co., Ltd.
Location: 20 Izumi-cho, Fujieda-shi, SHIZUOKA, 426-0045, JAPAN
Tel:  +81 54 635 3331
FAX: +81 54 635 0788

Established: April 2, 1956

Capital stock: 50,000,000yen

Members of the Board
President:  Toru SUZUKI
Board Director & Division director: Yuichi SHINMURA
Executive Officer & Production Director: Yoshinori Otsuka

President’s greeting
Corporate profile

Our company’s mission

Our mission is to make a contribution for the advancement of daily life and culture and workers’ material and spiritual welfare by providing unique technology and high quality products.

Corporate philosophy

We strive to balance our business activity with environmental preservation and through both imagination and action, and in order to contribute to a sustainable society, we hope to be an environmentally proactive company.

Our environmental policy

We put the customer first and think of environmental preservation with the 5S’s (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain); these our basics of management.  With a mission as a manufacturer of space creation, we set a goal to be a creative and develop our company to make a contribution to society.

Our quality policy

Company's motto
Toru Suzuki
20 Izumi-cho, Fujieda-shi, SHIZUOKA, 426-0045, JAPAN
Zip code.426-8633 TEL 054-635-3331 FAX 054-635-0788